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The world's finest home audio/visual experience
I've found this article and I thought you might find it interesting: if you’re serious about creating the experience of your local multiplex in your very own home, we’ve done your homework for you and collected a list of the most expensive components out there. Cinemaquattro projector – around...
June 6th 14 08:52 AM
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new panasonic blurays or bdt500?
Hello, I was thinking of getting a Panasonic BDT500 bluray player but I see they are the 2012 models and some places seem to be selling out. Is this because there is a new model due imminently. Would it be better to wait for the new model? Does anyone know what it will be and when it will be? Thanks, Stephen.
February 10th 14 09:07 PM
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Yamaha DSP-E800 problem ?
Hello guys, I need ur help. I have Yamaha DSP-E800 connected to my PC. It was connected to 6ch and was working fine, suddenly I got some Volume issues.. It`s allways on max volume and I cant - it, only to - volume on my PC, but I cant do that all the time. I`ve tryed to switch inputs to CD,Tape etc. But the effects are doing weard things to my sound (right speakers are not working, low volume,...
January 3rd 14 07:16 PM
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9.5mm Films for Sale
Hi All, Season Greetings to you all, I have been fortunate and privileged enough to come into contact with ninety-seven 9.5 mm films. All appear in good condition, all film roll appear intact, and all relevant films come with the respectable parts. For obvious reasons I am unable to verify the quality of the films, but what I am certain of is all films came from the Bath Film Museum during...
December 24th 13 09:11 AM
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Manual Wanted JVC AX-V6
On Wednesday, January 19, 2000 4:00:00 PM UTC+8, Dave Adcock wrote: > Anyone have a copy of the operation manual for the JVC AX-V6 Audio Visiual amp. I will buy, borrow, copy and return, whatever!! Or when can I get one from. Any help appreciated.Dave I also have JVC AX-V6 ,if you get the manual please share to me, tanks o lot.chang
June 4th 13 01:29 AM
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Tech help required please....
Hello everyone, I'm sure glad to find a newsgroup dedicated to home cinema as you're just the guys ' n ' gals who can help me. Now I have not exactly got what you might call a home cinema but my problem is simple. I have a Denon AVR1802 which just runs a DVD player, PC sound and the TV (actually non-HD Sky+ Box) The sky box is connected to the TV using the very old fashioned Scart which...
December 10th 12 11:03 AM
by nosey
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My home cinema
Purposely built, detached 35ft garage located in the back garden. 25 cinema tip up seats with sloping floor. Projection room equipped with: 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, DVD and Blu-Ray. 7.1 digital surround sound. KEF sound system. Running Terminator 2 very loud at 3am in the morning with no neighbours, priceless.
November 17th 12 01:30 AM
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Using a Home cinema with HD Vrigin M and PC
Hi folks. Basically i have My PC connected to to my TV using HDMI so i can watch stuff from my PC, sound can be set to use the HDMI cable thus come through the TV (if wanted) I also have the HD virgin Media Box, also connected to the TV using HDMI What i want to do is to be able to have sound from both the the PC and
October 23rd 12 04:27 PM
by Bashy
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which 36" TV - are they all full of 'features'?
On Sunday, March 10, 2002 9:12:48 AM UTC-5, Craig Ferguson wrote: > I got the Panasonic 36" 100hz one, from Empire direct for about 1450 inc > delivery. Very pleased with it. I didnt go for the dolby digital one as like > yourself I am going to be working the sound via an amp anyway. Any info you > need on it, feel free to contact me. > > Best of luck > Craig > > "photoniq" > wrote in message
September 25th 12 10:48 PM
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Which entry level AV receiver should I get?
Completely new to Home Cinema gear, I've recently got a Samsung 40" LED TV (not 3D) and I've narrowed my choices down to 2 AV receivers but not sure which would suit me best - an Onkyo TX-SR309 HD 3D or a PIONEER AV VSX-421. I want to connect a satellite box, DVD player, CD player, USB HDD for music and video and maybe also a cassete deck and record deck. I'd appreciate opinions on which is...
March 31st 12 05:00 PM
by Spex
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FS: Philips 50PFL7956T 50 3D Full HD LED TV aspect ratio 21:9 (London, UK)
The Philips 50PFL7956T 50 3D Full HD LED TV with 21:9 aspect ratio, allows you to watch films in the same aspect ratio as in the cinema. Ambilight technology automatically adjusts the brightness and colour to match the picture giving you an immersive viewing experience. With the lowest power consumption in its category this TV is on the short list for Best TV 2011 in the Pocket-Lint Gadget...
December 12th 11 10:17 AM
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Professionally installed Multi Room Audio & Video System Using Apple TV
We recently installed this Apple TV based Home entertainment system in Kensington London. The client wanted access to Apple TV, Sky HD, Blu-Ray and a Mac Mini in his Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom and even the Bathroom. We installed an HDMI matrix switch to get full 1080p video to all screens and used a top of the range Yamaha AV receiver for the multi zone amplification and the surround sound in the...
July 15th 11 01:58 PM
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HD-monitor 55inch
I have a AV-receiver with is connected to a satelite-tuner, BD-player, Cd-Player,internet wth dnla server, Usb adaptar and a digital tv-tuner, The audio output is a dolby surround system wiht 10 speakers. I only need een monitor to complete it but I can not find it, The ones I find are alll HDTV,s.or small computer monitors I prefer a plasma screen has somebody a suggestion? Thanks, Ebeltje
March 24th 11 08:06 AM
by Ebeltje
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WANTED, Traci lords, and desiree cousteou dvds any quantity.
I want to buy desiree cousteou ,and traci lords dvds,same day payments. url:http://myreader.co.uk/gp/1119-1.aspx
February 25th 11 09:37 AM
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February 25th 11 09:33 AM
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Pioneer DVR-940
December 27th 10 01:07 AM
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Anyone got an ac3 RF demodulator?
Hey everyone, I'm looking for an RF demodulator for my pioneer laserdisc machine to ad ac3 output. Does anyone have one they are willing to part with? -- DJmarch
November 9th 10 10:07 PM
by DJmarch
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Surround sound system for PS3
Hi - I am new to this and this is my first post so please be gentle! Could anyone please give me some advice on what 5.1 speaker and receiver to buy. Right now I have got a Playstation 3 which is hooked up with a HDMI cable to my 42 inch Sony 1080p TV. I want one that is reliable and works with great compatibility with the PS3, my room is approximately 6m x 6m. Please take into account...
October 19th 10 09:01 PM
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technics SU-VZ220 amp with tdl rtl3 speakers. how will it sound/perform?
i have a set of tdl rt3 speakers not yet hooked up as i need to get an amp for them, fairly limited budget. i put a wanted ad in the classifieds section but not to much luck. had a look on ebay and there is an amp for sale which is very local and price is in my range. but i am struggling to find any reviews about this product. here are the speakers: http://www.tdl-loudspeakers.co.uk/rtl3.htm
October 16th 10 04:12 PM
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Blu-Ray audio on standard 5.1 equipment.
Can someone more knowledgeable please answer me this? I have recently got a Blu-Ray player (PS3) and a few Blu-Ray titles, and as I don't own the decoding equipment for HD audio yet, I have connected it to my standard Dolby/DTS 5.1 amplifier and speaker set-up. Obviously I was expecting it to sound just like my DVD's sound, with their Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 audio tracks...but it seems...
May 18th 10 01:57 AM
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Ping: Tony (+question for group)
Finally decided. Seperates. Panasonic TXL37S10 TV (Arriving today) Onkyo TX-SR507B AV Receiver (Arriving today) Jamo A102 5.1 Spkrs (Not yet sourced) I ordered the above TV from Hyperfi (through Amazon) and they quickly processed the order and sent confirmation of despatch *of above model*. However, later same day, I had they phoned me to say they were out-of-stock but were sending the newer...
April 20th 10 09:12 AM
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Win a free USB key
It 'really easy. Here is a gift. http://www.crazy-video-streaming.com/best/usb_free.htm
April 4th 10 07:52 PM
by Tracker
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audio and the design of sound
yoy may find more information at http://www.eseco.fr prior to the debate about audio
April 2nd 10 07:49 AM
by incs
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audio and its association with sound
i think that we could try to increase the footprint of the extension of the sound efficiently thanks to audio. as a consequence find some ideas at http://sourceforge.net/projects/tinyreverseprox/ prior to any discussions about audio
April 1st 10 07:26 PM
by incs
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speaker and the collaboration with sound
i think that we could benchmark the processing of the sound using up-to-date technologies before analyzing speaker and the concept of sound management. i must also mention that it must be useful to debug the monitoring of the sound using appropriate methodologies before analyzing speaker
March 24th 10 06:54 PM
by incs
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March 24th 10 01:41 AM
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March 23rd 10 11:28 AM
by T[_2_]
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Advice on connecting various boxes via HDMI
I will shortly be investing in a 37" TV and All-in-one-Blu-ray Home Cinema system, I have a budget of about 900. I'm looking at the Panasonic SC-BT200 as I'm keen on the reported USB and SD card inputs but am concerned about lack of HDMI inputs on this system. I want to connect V+(HD) Box and later a PS3 to the same system which appears to have just 2 optical and no HDMI inputs! How would...
March 20th 10 08:12 PM
by SubZer0
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Denon AVR1610 + Jamo A102 HCS5
So after looking and reading around a bit, I'm thinking of going for a Denon AVR1610 and some Jamo A102 HCS5 speakers. That means I'll be able to move to Sky+HD and get some benefit from it. They look like good bits of kit for the price (around 220-250 for the Denon and the same again for the speakers). I'll see if I can offset about 50 of the price selling my old all-in-one on ebay.
March 19th 10 12:26 PM
by Tony
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Query about AV receivers
A couple of years ago I bought an all-in-one Upscaling DVD player / 5.1 surround sound system. I knew the limitations, but I had a budget and before I spent a lot on an AV receiver + speakers I wanted to make sure it would actually improve my enjoyment of movies, that the speakers would look okay, and that the shape of the room wouldn't be an issue. It proved all those things and now I'm...
March 18th 10 08:55 AM
by Tony
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Speakers with different impedance
I've just bought an AV Receiver and a 5.1 speaker set. Works just great and I'm very happy with it. The AV Receiver supports 7.1 surround, but as I'm only use 5.1 it allows the other 2 speaker outputs to be used for a 2nd set of stereo speakers. This is useful for me, I'd like to have the option of listening in the kitchen as well. Thing is, the 5.1 speakers are all 6 ohm, whereas the...
February 24th 10 07:50 PM
by smb
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Ok lets see if this NG got readers, Blue-ray discs?
Just upgraded by DVD player to a Blue-ray one. The DVD part is region 2 soon to be Multi region when I modify it. The Blue-ray is region B not able to be MR. First thing I learnt now is Blue-ray discs are a rip off in stores as I'm asked say 5 more than a DVD. So advice needed on how to buy at better prices. Just which countries are region B? Can I assume all will have English on?
February 22nd 10 09:30 AM
by David
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Pointless newsgroup
Still nothing happening here then.
February 22nd 10 06:49 AM
by SubZer0
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Empty newsgroup?
January 27th 10 07:47 AM
by SubZer0
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Composite looks better than RGB! That cant be right?
Hello, I have a Cambridge audio DVD player that I have been using via a scart cable to my Sony television using RGB with no problems. I have just bought a panasonic plasma television and now the DVD player looks really green unless I change the signal to composite video from RGB. I was always led to believe that the RGB signal was superior to composite but for some reason in this situation this...
January 2nd 10 04:34 PM
by Gazza
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HDMI via AV Receiver
I currently have an XBOX 360, a Humax PVR9300T, and an upscaling DVD player, all of which are connected to my TV by HDMI. I bought a TV with 3 HDMI inputs for this reason. However, I want to add surround sound to my set-up, and also hang my TV on the wall. So I was thinking of getting an AV Receiver that can take the HDMI inputs and route them to the TV. This would mean just the one HDMI...
December 31st 09 05:44 PM
by smb
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Antenas Mallorca Tdt - An-Tec - Antenistas especializados en Antenas
Antenas Mallorca Tdt - An-Tec - Antenistas especializados en Antenas de Tdt, Tv (Televisi=C3=83=C2=B3n Digital Terrestre). An-Tec ( Mallorca antenas tdt ) visitanos: http://www.an-tec-balear.info Mallorca antenas tdt, Tv visitanos: http://www.an-tec.es
December 27th 09 10:10 PM
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Home cinema and usb external hard drive
Not sure if this is the right newsgroup but I have a 500gb external hard drive with only 10gb in use (mainly home movies in avi and sets of old movies in black and white etc) I connect the usb hard drive to my samsung ht-x200 system. When I first started using it, it used to boot in really quick and then as I put more stuff on it became slower, it seems to need to scan and pick up the first file...
August 10th 09 01:30 PM
by les
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Looking for DVD/HDD Recorder with twin freeview
Hi, I'm looking for a DVD/HDD Recorder with twin freeview for my dad. Can anybody recommend a suitable make/model and or supplier? He also has abudget of aprrox 150 Any help or suggestion greatfully received. Thanks
July 5th 09 11:37 AM
by TheDysk
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Lost your manual
www.ukpanels.com www.firealarmengineeers.com www.enginesdiy.com
July 1st 09 01:48 AM
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LCD TV Wall Swivel Bracket
Just bought one of these: http://www.rs100.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=101_110&products_id=660 and it looks like I'll return it/punt it on ebay. Not up to the job of supporting my 15kg 37" LCD - very wobbly which makes moving it difficult, and it keeps sliding out of alignment. Any recommendations for one of these that swivels out and folds flat to the wall? Nice, sliding motion that...
June 20th 09 11:14 AM
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AV box?
OK, can someone explain why I need to push my HD Video feed through an amp? all these surround sound units appear to be promoting this feature. Surely its the sound that the box works with, what does the video side of things have to do with it? -- Vass
June 7th 09 12:35 PM
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Harman Kardon AVR255
Just bought one of these beasties from Richer Sounds (for 399), first unit proved defective. Replaced by the store quickly and with a freebie to compensate for inconvenience (unasked for incidentally). So review of the store is an easy 5* rating. As for the amp, still getting to grips with it, but the setup is very simple, on screen menus very clear. The look of it is spectacularly...
February 27th 09 11:06 PM
by Jon.R
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Setting up PS3 with Pioneer VSX D510 receiver and LCD?
Hi, I have a Pioneer VSX D510 receiver which does not have any HDMI inputs or outputs. I have purchased a Samsung LN52A630 LCD. I am purchasing one AV component at a time. Until I purchase a new receiver with video and audio decoding is it possible to hook up a PS3 to the receiver to send out high def video through the receiver to the TV and high end audio through the receiver to the speakers?...
February 23rd 09 12:54 PM
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dvd player blu ray, hdmi 1.3 deep color, sacd
Hello, excuse me if it is too much to ask: can you please recomend me brand and models of dvd players that support: blu ray sacd hdmi 1.3 deep color
February 22nd 09 04:38 PM
by Mario
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where can I buy on the web dvd player region free or code free?
Hello, where can I buy from the web a DVD player region free or code free? thanks Mario
February 21st 09 03:13 PM
by Mario
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multimedia HD with digital audio optical output ?
Hello, can anyone tell me of a multimedia HD with digital audio output optical or coax? if available also with HDMI output thanks Mario
February 19th 09 04:17 PM
by Mario
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Richer Sounds buy some of Empire Direct
http://www.empiredirect.co.uk/content/redirect/ -- Regards, David Please reply to News Group
February 19th 09 02:25 PM
by David
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Capita BBC Information is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the contract. There have been numerous events to commemorate this and it is being finished off with a reunion of staff and customers. If you have written or telephoned BBC INFORMATION since 1998, you are invited to attend a soiree at: THE CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS (CCA)
February 9th 09 10:43 AM
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Best way to connect this lot?
"Dave {}" > wrote in message ... > Complete newbie to owning a Onkyo receiver. > > What is the best way to connect this little lot together and what settings > need to be done on the Onkyo?:- > > Onkyo TX-SR 806 > Pioneer PDP-436XDE Plasma TV > Panasonic DMR-E85H DVD Recorder with Hardrive
February 6th 09 06:10 PM
by David
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